Greater Mekong Region – Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change

CHanGE Director Kristie L. Ebi is working on a program titled Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change in the Health Sector in the Greater Mekong Region. Based in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Viet Nam, the project aims to deliver:

  • Enhanced understanding of the relationship between climate change and health
  • Capacity building in coping with climate change adaptation in the health sector
  • A regional model for examining potential health impacts of climate change

The project is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. Partners include international experts in climate and health and representatives from relevant ministries (environment, agriculture, health) in Cambodia, Laos PDR, and Viet Nam.

In addition to identifying trends in epidemiological patterns and the various pathways by which climate change affects public health, the program will assist ministries of health to conduct vulnerability and adaptation assessments, improve their data on disease incidence, reinforce surveillance to strengthen clinical services, and identify adaptation options including cost-effective health interventions.