Our Mission

Meeting global health challenges.

CHANGE collaboratively develops and promotes innovative approaches to understanding and managing the risks of global environmental change.  CHANGE conducts research and policy analysis, education and training, and technical assistance and capacity building, integrating health, environmental, and social sciences.  CHANGE focuses on health outcomes associated with the consequences of global environmental changes, such as extreme weather and climate events, water and food security, and infectious diseases.

Modeling future health risks

Preparing for the magnitude and pattern of future health burdens in a world that will be characterized by different environmental and socioeconomic conditions requires models that incorporate scenarios of a range of possible futures.

Managing current and future risks

Effective, proactive adaptation can reduce many of the projected health risks of global environmental change.  CHANGE is working to increase understanding of using environmental variables to prepare for potential adverse health consequences and to take advantage of opportunities.

Training the next generation

CHANGE is working with students and researchers to train future leaders and scholars on the risks and potential solutions at the nexus of global environmental change and human health.