• Karen De Salvo

    AMS Board of Environment and Health and Acting Asst Secretary for Health Karen DeSalvo

    CHanGE Director Kristie Ebi poses with Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Karen DeSalvo and the American Meteorological Society’s Board of Environment and Health. From left to right: Wendy Marie Thomas, National Weather Service, John Balbus, NIEHS, Karen DeSalvo, HHS, Kristie Ebi, CHanGE/UW, Jennifer Vanos, Texas Tech University.

  • Mosquito

    CHanGE Director Kristie Ebi in Nat GEO and NYT

    CHanGE Director Dr. Kristie Ebi has recently spoken with reporters on how higher temperature, mosquitoes and the spread of diseases like Zika virus are all related. Read National Geographic piece titled “Can We Stop Mosquitoes from Infecting the World?” Read New York Times piece titled “Higher Temperatures Make Zika Mosquito

  • CHanGE Director Kristie Ebi at COP21 in Paris

    CHanGE Director Kristie Ebi gave a presentation at COP21 on December 11, 2015 on Adaptation and Resilience.

  • Lancet Climate Commission – Tackling Climate Change is a Global Health Opportunity

    Read more about the report here.

  • Projected Climate Change Impacts

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is tasked with assessing the published literature on climate change and issuing assessment reports that have the support of leading climate scientists and participating governments. The latest IPCC Working Group II Report details some of expected climate change impacts based on geographic region.