Global Change Seminar featuring David Hondula

David Hondula Seminar

Global Change is an intentionally broad term referring to planetary-scale changes to the Earth system, consisting of oceans, land masses, life, climate, and geological processes. These large-scale environmental changes can interact with development patterns and choices, including population, economics, urbanization, pollution, and resource utilization, to create social, political, and technical challenges to individuals and societies. The scale and velocity of today’s planetary-scale changes are exerting pressure on the natural environment and human societies. Climate change, species extinction, water and food scarcity, and ozone depletion are all interconnected parts of global change.

This seminar series will address multiple aspects of the challenges and opportunities with global change, including sustainability, adaptation, urban design, water scarcity, and more.


  • Foege N130, 3720 15th Ave NE
  • UW Campus
  • Seattle

Contact Person

  • Kristie Ebi
  • Jeremy Hess
  • Jason Gordon

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